Our service covers all facets of test activities, from simple functional tests on eCOM systems to to complicated replatforming projects with data migration and full regression testing. Also Automation projects, End2End, SAP, systems with complex business rules and many more belong to our portfolio. All services are individually adapted to your needs and requirements to bring your project to success.

Practicable Test Automation

Not everything should be automated. Once a system is stable automation should be targeted for repetitive testing (regression), including sanity checks after deployments, test data generation.

Test Management

All it-test pro GmbH Managers have at least 5 years hands on Project test Management experience in Large multi international projects. Our test Managers help to keep projects moving to success.


ITTP offer all listed services individually or as project combinations. Fixed Price, T&M Blended price, mass attacks, and stop and go services.

Project Test Teams

Ideally we like to provide project test teams under one of our Project Test Managers, combining Test Analysis, Manual Testing, Automation, Technical Testers (API, Performance) NFR, Defect Managers and Leads in to efficient hands on and active testing teams.

Professional Manual Testing

Manual testing is ideal for new projects where the code and environment's are not quite stable. The main advantage is flexibility. It is easier to change, move or stop tests as required.

QA & Consulting

Senior Test Project managers are available with at least 10 years experience in setting up QA Departments, Standards and Processes.