• P R I C I N G

    it-test pro GmbH PET (Pricing Estimation Tool) provides the facility whereby the customer can enter a set of parameters based on duration, effort, resources, rates and coverage and see an initial estimate of the testing costs. Using ittp PET the customer can then fine tune the test coverage and test activities to fit to the available budget, or utilise the tool to provide facts and figures to senior management for additional budget requests.
  • F i x e d   P r i c e

    Is calculated based on a fixed start and end dates, fixed resources, fixed rates, Once the end date is reached it is expected that the contract is completed. If the project is delayed or if there are non-testing days which also cause slippage to the project, this has no effect on the fixed price contract. The end date signifies the end of the contract.
  • B l e n d e d   P r i c e

    it-test pro GmbH offer a flexible fixed price option. Blended test prices are calculated on a fixed start and end date plus team size and effort, but the effort used is tracked and if the project is impacted by non testing days which results in project slippage, the non testing days can be utilised by the project at no additional cost.
  • T i m e   a n d   M a t e r i a l s

    Based on a daily rate and duration for each resource. A monthly invoice is produced showing the breakdown of activities for each resource. Approved by the project based on timesheets.
  • D i s c o u n t s

    it-test pro GmbH have a daily rate card which can be provided upon request. ALL prices are negotiable based on re-occurring projects, volume of projects, vouchers, on-site, remote and nearshore projects.
  • P r o j e c t   E 2 E

    it-test pro GmbH can provide testing teams to cover the full project testing activities from functional, systems integration (SIT), end to end (E2E), regression and manage and support of user acceptance and sign off.
  • P r o j e c t   T e s t   M a n a g e r

    Often it is necessary to provide professional testing expertise to structure and manage internal or offshore testing teams. ittp have a pool of experienced project test managers with experience of handling combinations of onsite, remote, nearshore and offshore testing teams. Armed with our TMTK (Test Manager Tool Kit) the Project Test Manager can quickly and efficiently set up and manage testing projects.
  • T e s t   T e a m s

    From single testers or test analysts to complete test teams of team leads, defect managers, testers, automators and or performance testers. it-test pro GmbH can provide resources onsite, remote (Berlin) or Nearshore (Kiev)
  • Q A   M a n a g e m e n t

    it-test pro GmbH QA specialists have assisted many well known companies in the setting up of QA departments. The latest project was achieved in 3 months fro a large eCom retailer organisation, including Department Policy, Templates, Processes, Standards and all available on line and interactive, so the latest version are always available.

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