• e C O M

    it-test pro GmbH has a generic set of test cases and scenarios for eCOM front end testing. This reduces testing for the project, and also provides quick response times for project set up. Multiple countries, languages, content, and even production testing with “live” credit cards is also possible. Included in the eCOM realm is OMNI Channel, Ship from Store, Endless Aisle and more.
  • D i g i t a l   M a r k e t i n g

    CRM, web analytics, promotions, marketing webs sites, customer notification, newsletters.
  • F u n c t i o n a l   t e s t i n g

    Testing begins with the analysis of system requriements. it-test pro GmbH produce scenarios (high level conditions specified at a business level) mapping on to each individual requriements. Functional test cases are then mapped to the scenarios for which test data is prepared and individual test steps identified at a detailed level for test execution.
  • S y s t e m s    a n d   I n t e g r a t i o n
    t e s t i n g

    Systems integration testing between front end and back office, business rules, source to target data analysis utilising synchronized and un-synchronized interfaces.
  • U s e r    A c c e p t a n c e   t e s t i n g

    Preparation of test data, tracking controls, metrics, defect management support, evaluation of issues.
  • E n d   t o   E n d   (2 E 2)   t e s t i n g

    Critical business threads are analysed through the integrated systems, identification of starting event triggers through to back end data processing systems such as SAP, WMS, Financials.
  • A d - H o c    t e s t i n g

    Systematic approaches to testing often forget that the user does not follow a structured script. it-test pro GmbH mix teams to follows pre-preared test cases and scripts with experienced testers that ad-hoc test.
  • S m o k e   t e s t i n g

    A quick test that is designed to check that the system is “fit for testing. The objective is to ensure that sufficient functionality is working for the structured tests to be executed. Supported by development and infrastructure to make hot fixes on blocking issues.
  • R e g r e s s i o n   t e s t i n g

    it-test pro GmbH recommends that before a project is launched in to production a regression pack is executed to ensure that bugs have not been re-introduced in to the systems by previous fixes to functionality. /div>
  • W e b   A n a l y t i c s

    The testing of analytics can be systematic and is therefore ideal for automation. it-test pro GmbH offers specialists in the theme of web analytics.
  • B r o w s e r   t e s t i n g

    it-test pro GmbH offer multiple browser testing of web based applications. VDI enables the tester to download multiple browser and multiple versions of browsers on the same testing device.
  • R e - P l a t f o r m   t e s t i n g

    With ever increasing new technologies, many companies are involved in platform re-location including migration to cloud solutions. it-test pro GmbH offer re-platform test specialists that with experience to assist your project in successful delivery.
  • D a t a b a s e / s y s t e m   M i g r a t i o n
    t e s t i n g

    If you cannot successfully migrate your data across databases and platforms, the risk to your project and business is critical. it-test pro GmbH have many years experience in the testing of migrated databases.
  • D e v i c e s   t e s t i n g

    Whereas most testing companies test on simulators, it-test pro GmbH offer testing across multiple real devices, android and IOS mobiles and tablets.
  • A P I   t e s t i n g

    Requiring technical skills which it-test pro GmbH offer as a standard service.

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